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Add 1 Service delivery and the South African police service community service centres : an evaluative study of East Rand, Gauteng 416
Add 2 A skills development and training facility in Sunnyside, Pretoria. 264
Add 3 The implementation of the integrated quality management system (IQMS) in the Ellisras circuit in Limpopo Province / by Mpho Francina Motshegoa. 195
Add 4 Implementation of integrated quality management system (IQMS) in Thabanchu high schools. 181
Add 5 The Tshwane School of Music. 160
Add 6 The design of a mixed-use development for the rehabilitation of Marabastad, Pretoria : a catalyst for change. 159
Add 7 Medium density housing in Sunnyside, Pretoria. 152
Add 8 Antimicrobial activity and stability of medicinal plant extracts : effect of simulated gastrointestinal conditions 126
Add 9 Utilizing Web 2.0 for personalized learning :|ba case of South African higher education 122
Add 10 Model of a knowledge management support system for choosing intellectual capital assessment methods. 120
Add 11 The design of a centre for further education in the creative professions, situated in the Pretoria inner city. 119
Add 12 Chemotypic variation and biopharmaceutics of Sceletium tortuosum alkaloids. 110
Add 13 The design of a low security community re-entry facility in central Pretoria. 110
Add 14 Development of a quality control protocol for Pelargonium sidoides DC using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. 90
Add 15 The design of a performing arts centre in Pretoria, Tshwane 85
Add 16 The influence of Zen philosophy and aesthetics and the work of artists Andy Goldsworthy, Anish Kapoor and Petre Voulkos 76
Add 17 Natural fibre reinforced polyolefins composites for structural applications. 70
Add 18 The design of a transportation hub and student centre on the Pretoria campus of the Tshwane University of Technology. 69
Add 19 Network routing and coding in wireless sensor networks. 67
Add 20 Effect of N-Trimethyl chitosan chloride and Monocaprin on insulin permeability across CACO-2 cells. 65
Add 21 The design of a neighbourhood justice centre in Mamelodi. 58
Add 22 Evaluation of service delivery in the office of the compensation fund, Pretoria 49
Add 23 Molecular and atomic spectra of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) compounds in Electrothermal atomizers. 47
Add 24 Determination and antifungal activity of Verbascoside from members of the Verbenaceae family. 44
Add 25 A semiotic analysis of selected pre-Raphaelite paintings. 40
Add 26 Oxidative coupling of naphthols on supported nanocrystalline platinum- and copper-group metals. 38
Add 27 Suppression of matrix interferences in electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry using a fast-heated ballast atomiser. 37
Add 28 Content-adaptive graph-based methods for image analysis and processing. 35
Add 29 Virtual communities of practice in a mobile learning environment. 35
Add 30 Study on selective precipitation of platinum and base metals in liquid-liquid and gas-liquid chloride systems : focus on conceptual process design. 32
Add 31 The efficacy of an audio-visual aid in teaching the neo-classical screenplay paradigm. 31
Add 32 Cyber-law of copyright protection and the fair-use of doctrine : a conflict theory approach for the information systems researchers 30
Add 33 Environmental mercury monitoring in the South African Highveld region. 30
Add 34 Bismuth and antimony modified platinum catalysts for the selective oxidation of cinnamyl alcohol. 28
Add 35 Strategic information systems planning and environmental uncertainty : the case of South African small, micro and medium enterprises. 28
Add 36 Application of extraction methods for determining DDT and its metabolites in human breast milk. 28
Add 37 The design of a National Food Technology and Research Centre in Marabastad, Tshwane : with the aim of supporting the introduction of a local, urban food production system. 27
Add 38 Factors influencing knowledge sharing amongst information technology professionals 27
Add 39 Developing a large stone asphalt to improve the performance of asphalt surfacing. 25
Add 40 Profiling adventure tourists in Pretoria 25
Add 41 A versatile platform for matrix converters for small scale wind integration. 24
Add 42 The ecology of foraging hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) at D'Arros Island and St. Joseph Atoll in the Seychelles, Western Indian Ocean. 24
Add 43 Antimicrobial activity of essentail oils against Fusarium oxysporum isolates and their biofilms. 24
Add 44 Mapping and modeling of irrigation induced salinity of Vaal-Harts irrigation scheme in South Africa. 23
Add 45 Synthesis of ruthenium dye (N3 dye) from recycled ruthenium trichloride for application in dye sensitized solar cells. 20
Add 46 Robust synchronization plan for SDH network. 20
Add 47 Traditional use of Trichilia emetica for treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 20
Add 48 Motion control and stabilization of a skid-steering mobile robot. 20
Add 49 Machine vision methods for monitoring breakwater armour structures in the model hall environment 19
Add 50 Effect of language of instruction on learners in secondary schools in Vhembe district, Limpopo Province. 19