Effect of borophene and graphene on the elastic modulus of PEDOT:PSS film—A finite element study

Adekoya, Gbolahan Joseph
Adekoya, Oluwasegun Chijioke
Sadiku, Emmanuel Rotimi
Hamam, Yskandar
Ray, Suprakas Sinha
A finite element method (FEM) was employed to investigate the interaction of borophene nanoplatelets (BNPs) and graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) on the mechanical properties of Poly (3,4- ethylene dioxythiophene): poly (styrene sulfonate) PEDOT: PSS film. A 3D random distribution of the inclusion into the PEDOT: PSS matrix was constructed by developing a 145 145 145 representative volume element (RVE) with a 4% volume fraction of BNPs and GNPs. In comparison to the pristine PEDOT: PSS, the calculated effective elastic moduli of the BNP-PEDOT: PSS and GNP-PEDOT: PSS nanocomposites exhibited 9.6% and 10.2% improvement, respectively. The predicted FE results were validated by calculating the elastic moduli of the nanocomposites using a modified Halpine-Tsai (H-T) model. The reinforcing effect of the inclusion into the PEDOT: PSS film offers a promising electrode with improved mechanical stability. Consequently, this intriguing result makes the BNP/PEDOT: PSS nanocomposite highly promising for further investigation and application in cutting-edge devices such as touchscreen, thermoelectric, light-emitting diode, electrochemical, photodiode, sensor, solar cell, and electrostatic devices.
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Borophene, Electronics, Finite element, Graphene, PEDOT:PSS, Polymer nanocomposite
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