Africa industry 5.0: Challenges and opportunities in the future of manufacturing

Matenga, Alice Elizabeth
Mpofu, Khumbulani
Cloud manufacturing (CM) is a service-oriented business model which is being adopted for industry 4.0 (i4.0). African-based small-to-medium manufacturing enterprises (SMMEs) are yet to adopt the collaborative business manufacturing model, due to challenges associated with vagueness to new manufacturing technologies adoption. However, technological advancements have led to industry 5.0 (i5.0), which present multiple favorable opportunities for manufacturing organizations in Africa. Technology adoption was identified as a key accelerator towards sustainable manufacturing and successful implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs). This paper aims to conscientise on the future of the manufacturing industry for an African digital economy. Adoption of new manufacturing technologies is disrupting traditional business models and creating new business models which are collaborative, and technology centered. A system of systems methodology was used to address multiple challenges affecting advancing technologies in the transport manufacturing industry in Africa. The result is a strategic system mapping for developing a cognitive manufacturing system for the transport manufacturing system.
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Africa, Industry 5.0, CPPS, Digital economy, Industrialisation
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